Choice on units of measurement: markings and sales

The government is committed to reviewing the current law to identify how more choice can be given to businesses and consumers over the units of measurement they use for trade, while ensuring that measurement information remains accurate. The evidence gathered from this consultation will inform the government’s plans to provide a choice on weights and … Read more

Phasing out the installation of fossil fuel heating in homes off the gas grid

This consultation sets out proposals to phase out the installation of high carbon fossil fuel heating systems in homes off the gas grid, as committed to in the 2017 Clean Growth Strategy. We’re seeking views on our proposals to introduce targeted regulations that will drive decarbonisation of heat in off gas grid homes, including: an end … Read more

Edinburgh’s Proposed Low Emission Zone

We are seeking views on the following proposed aspects of the Edinburgh LEZ. In the consultation, we looked for people’s views on city centre zone boundary two-year ‘grace’ period before fines (penalties) are introduced anything we should consider for local exemptions. We also wanted to understand what people know about LEZs in general support funds / grants … Read more

Combined heat and power: pathway to decarbonisation

The Government Is seeking to build on the information received from the call for evidence held in 2020 and capture views to inform policy development for a future pathway to decarbonisation by requesting feedback from all CHP stakeholders to shape the future approach. 

Green Heat Network Fund: proposals for the scheme design

We are seeking views on how we should design the proposed Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF) scheme. The GHNF is a capital grant funding programme which is intended to help new and existing heat networks to move to low and zero carbon technologies. Its objectives are to: achieve carbon savings and decreases in carbon intensity of heat … Read more

Enabling a high renewable, net zero electricity system: call for evidence

The government is seeking views on how the industry is approaching the financing and deployment of renewable technologies, and how this may change in the future. Responses will be used to explore options to evolve the current Contracts for Difference mechanism for future allocation rounds.  They are calling for evidence on how our policies can … Read more

Appropriate measures for permitted facilities that take chemical waste

Appropriate measures for permitted facilities that take chemical waste for treatment or transfer are set out in technical guidance note EPR 5.06: recovery and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The proposed guidance, which was being consulted on, will replace this guidance note and will be available as web guidance on the website. The guidance … Read more

Transparency in supply chains

Views on reporting requirements to ensure transparency in supply chains by organisations, as part of the Home Office Modern Slavery Assessment Tool developed as part of the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It seeks information on: whether organisations currently publish a statement; mandatory/voluntary areas of reporting (structure, processes, policies, risk assessment/management, performance indicators, … Read more