Green Heat Network Fund: proposals for the scheme design

We are seeking views on how we should design the proposed Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF) scheme. The GHNF is a capital grant funding programme which is intended to help new and existing heat networks to move to low and zero carbon technologies. Its objectives are to: achieve carbon savings and decreases in carbon intensity of heat … Read more

Defined benefit funding code of practice consultation

In its 2018 white paper ‘Protecting Defned Beneft Pension Schemes’, the governmentnoted that the defined benefit (DB) funding framework is working largely as intended.However, it also acknowledged that there was room for improvement in some key areas,for example the need for greater transparency and accountability around the risks beingtaken on behalf of members and employers, … Read more

Project Stratum: Broadband Open Market Review

A request to comment on classifications of broadband areas (and availability of broadband services) according to: -‘White’ areas are those in which there is no qualifying broadband infrastructure and none is likely to be developed within 3 years. These postcodes will be targeted for public investment through the Project; -‘Grey’ areas are those where only … Read more