Proposals for heat network zoning

These proposals envisage central and local government working together with industry and local stakeholders to identify and designate areas within which heat networks are the lowest cost, low carbon solution for decarbonising heating. This consultation is government’s first in what is intended to be a multi-year project developing the necessary legislation and processes for zoning. … Read more

Tree and woodlands: introducing measures for felling street trees

We want to know what you think about proposals to introduce new measures for the process of felling street trees. These measures will make it clearer who is responsible for decisions and what process they should follow. We’re also asking for views on strengthening the Forestry Commission’s power to deal with illegal tree felling. We’ve … Read more

Approach to beaver reintroduction and management in England

The consultation sets out our proposed approach, including in relation to future releases into the wild, current and future releases into enclosures and existing wild-living beavers. We also want to know what management and support you think should be available to those managing beavers.

Local air quality management: public authorities call for evidence

Seeking views on which relevant public authorities should be considered for designation as ‘Relevant Public Authorities’. In particular, we are looking to understand: the bodies’ contribution to local air pollution the actions the bodies could realistically take to reduce the contribution in a local context the resource implications for the body

Green Heat Network Fund: proposals for the scheme design

We are seeking views on how we should design the proposed Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF) scheme. The GHNF is a capital grant funding programme which is intended to help new and existing heat networks to move to low and zero carbon technologies. Its objectives are to: achieve carbon savings and decreases in carbon intensity of heat … Read more

Improving the energy performance of privately rented homes

This consultation sets out a suite of policy proposals towards achieving this. These proposals will bring significant benefits to landlords, tenants and our environment including: reducing energy bills and increased comfort for tenants and supporting delivery of our statutory fuel poverty target of EPC C by 2030 potential property value improvements for landlords delivering carbon emission savings … Read more