Taking action on climate risk: improving governance and reporting by occupational pension schemes

This consultation sought views on policy proposals to require trustees of larger occupational pension schemes and authorised schemes to have effective governance, strategy, risk management and accompanying metrics and targets for the assessment and management of climate risks and opportunities. It also invites responses on proposals to disclose these in line with the recommendations of … Read more

Wales Transport Strategy: Scoping report

The draft Scoping Report is the first step of the Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA) for the Wales Transport Strategy (WTS). This is an important consultation which will help steer the development of the ISA, and the WTS, from its early stages. The Wales Transport Strategy will have a role to play towards a greener, more … Read more

Appropriate measures for permitted facilities that take chemical waste

Appropriate measures for permitted facilities that take chemical waste for treatment or transfer are set out in technical guidance note EPR 5.06: recovery and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The proposed guidance, which was being consulted on, will replace this guidance note and will be available as web guidance on the gov.uk website. The guidance … Read more

Climate Change Agreements scheme extension and reforms for any future scheme

The consultation sets out the Government’s proposals for how this extension would be implemented and gathered feedback on: Extending the current climate change agreements (CCA) scheme by 2 years, through: the addition of a new Target Period, from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2022 extending certification for reduced rates of CCL for participants meeting obligations under … Read more