Making flexible working the default

This consultation seeks views from individuals and businesses on proposals to reform flexible working regulations. In 2003, legislation came into force which provided parents and certain other carers with a right to request a flexible working arrangement, which covers work location, working hours and working pattern. In 2014, this right to request a flexible working arrangement … Read more

Kirklandpark and Wester Overton Primaries

Proposal to realign the catchment area of both Kirklandpark and Wester Overton Primary Schools to more appropriately link new housing developments to the local non-denominational primary schools

Remote Learning review survey 2020 Isle of Man

Seeking the views of pupils and parents with regards learning provision and access to learning provision provided by IOM schools during the period of school closures due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Questions were asked about volume of learning, quality of learning, enjoyment of learning, levels and quality of feedback to pupils, establishing a good learning … Read more