Transforming Mental Health Services In Camden and Islington

Camden and Islington Clinical Commissioning Groups consulted on the proposed site redevelopment of Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust‘s St Pancras Hospital site. The public consultation sought views on proposals to move inpatient beds from St Pancras Hospital to a new site at the Whittington Hospital and create two new mental health community hubs in … Read more

EU Green Deal (carbon border adjustment mechanism)

The European Commission’s efforts to go climate-neutral by 2050 could be undermined by lack of ambition by its international partners. This would mean a risk of ‘carbon leakage’ which occurs when companies transfer production to countries that are less strict about emissions. In such case global emissions would not be reduced. A Carbon Border Adjustment … Read more

Skills for Londoners Framework

Seeking views on the Mayor’s priorities for London’s Adult Education Budget, as well as other skills and employment policies and programmes in the capital. The consultation seeks views on the level at which qualifications can be funded (including flexibility for priority groups); Provision for SEND; Skills for a green economy; Digital learning and leadership; London-focused … Read more

Plymouth Plan Climate Change

An open questionnaire seeking views on Plymouth’s climate change/emergency plan. The consultation invited comments on reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste, enhancing ‘green city credentials’, delivering a safe/accessible/sustainable/health-supporting transport system, transport investment, positioning Plymouth as a UK destination, meeting local housing needs

Project Stratum: Broadband Open Market Review

A request to comment on classifications of broadband areas (and availability of broadband services) according to: -‘White’ areas are those in which there is no qualifying broadband infrastructure and none is likely to be developed within 3 years. These postcodes will be targeted for public investment through the Project; -‘Grey’ areas are those where only … Read more

Sustainable corporate governance

This public consultation aims to gather data and to collect the views of stakeholders with regard to a possible initiative on sustainable corporate governance